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One of the most established US exporters of automatic transmission parts with a unique perspective on quality.

Since 1980 Tri Star has been a global supplier of automatic transmission parts and components. Over the years Tri Star has been a production rebuilder of automatic transmissions and torque converters in the US and the Middle East.

Tri Star has managed and run automatic transmission service centers and parts stores in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and decades of being a production rebuilder and service provider have taught us what parts brands work best, especially in extreme environment. Now Tri Star offers its distributors the same quality parts that it uses in its operations taking away the guesswork on what is a better brand to use.

Our Tri Star kits meet or exceed OE quality and we will never sell a part that we have not used and tested.

Tri Star has designed, equipped, staffed and managed many auto care and transmission specialty shops. We do it all from shop design to equipment procurement to training staff and installing production lines with great success.